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Serving Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, and Tazewell Counties in Virginia
Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission
Serving Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, and Tazewell Counties in Virginia
Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission

Our mission is to promote regional cooperation, coordinate the regional activities and policies of member local governments, and provide technical assistance to local governments in their planning and development activities upon their request. Planning district commissions can be catalysts for strategic planning in communities. They help identify local needs and priorities. And, because they are flexible, PDC's are often more creative in seeking innovative solutions to local problems.

We also sponsor many programs. Planning district commissions provide economies of scale and are the most efficient way to deliver services, particularly in areas with low population density and limited resources. Our regional staff has the technical expertise to assess the area's overall resources and to help implement short and long term solutions.

In addition to coordinating some government services, the Cumberland Plateau PDC cooperates with the private sector and with community-based nongovernmental organizations, such as volunteer agencies, senior citizen groups, and civic associations. We identify community needs, and work with others to find a grassroots solution.

Planning district commissions also provide the link between federal and state programs and the local level where development actually occurs. Funding sources vary by project and reflect local priorities. The Cumberland Plateau PDC receives federal, state and local funding to carry out its mission.

The Cumberland Plateau PDC's  Board of Directors, made up of 32 members, eight appointed from each county, meets quarterly, and the Cumberland Plateau PDC's Executive Board, made up of eight members, two appointed from each county, meets on the last Thursday of every month to direct commission business. Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell and Tazewell Counties and the Towns of Richlands, Tazewell and Bluefield, Virginia, are all member localities of the PDC. Other towns throughout the four-county area are also part of the planning district and receive free planning and technical assistance from the Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission staff. The total population of the district in 2010 was 113,976.

The commission's overall goal: To improve the quality of life for the District's Citizens and all Southwest Virginians.

Objectives: To initiate and provide successful programs designed to accomplish the commission's overall goal through:

Job Creation
Technical Assistance
Management Services
Data Center (GIS)
Waste Management
Transportation Planning
IT Development

How We Operate