Cumberland Plateau PDC Water & Sewer Development

Since 1968, the four CPPDC counties have seen a dramatic increase in district households served by public water systems. PDC staff has worked with its Counties, Towns, and PSA’s to create and extend public water systems into most of the communities and rural areas of the District. Working together with our localities, state and federal funders and other public infrastructure programs, the number of households served with safe adequate public drinking water has grown from about 20 percent of total households in 1970 to well over 90 percent. This effort has been supported by our federal and state agencies and legislators with millions of grant dollars without which much of this progress would not have been possible. Without these grant and low interest loan funds, the water rates needed to cover debt service as well as operation and maintenance cost would have been unreasonable. PDC staff continues to work with our local partners on important new water and sewer projects.