Cumberland Plateau PDC Technical Assistance

A major work element at the CPPDC is providing technical assistance to local governments in grant-writing for much-needed grant and low-interest loans for infrastructure projects. Local governments, PSA’s, IDA’s, non-profits and other partners determine their priority projects and PDC staff works collaboratively to write applications and sometimes manage various grants received.

As the Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission celebrates more than 50 years of work, the PDC can look back on and be proud of the many accomplishments that have happened in cooperation with its many federal, state, local and regional partners, both public and private. Since 1968, the Cumberland Plateau, through its efforts with these partners, has helped bring in more than $700 million in federal, state and regional funding to the region. In other arenas, such as water and sewer system development, the PDC staff has worked with local water and sewer providers and their engineers to write hundreds of applications to successfully bring much needed grant and low-interest loan funds into the region. Without these government funds, local PSA’s and towns could not have provided public water and sewer services to their customers at an affordable rate. And as an innovator in broadband and wireless 4G infrastructure deployment, the Cumberland Plateau has worked with various utilities and the Lenowisco PDC to bring high-speed broadband fiber optic and wireless 4G services to the larger seven-county Virginia coalfields region resulting in hundreds of new higher-paying IT jobs in the area and a better quality of life. All of these efforts have enabled our counties to successfully recruit much needed new industry.

A list of projects that have received grant and loan dollars since our creation in 1968 and amounts received can be accessed below. Please note that regional projects are attributed to each County as each County benefitted.

Click here for a listing of projects that have received grant and loan dollars from 1968 to 2022.