Cumberland Plateau Planning District Company
Serving Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, and Tazewell Counties in Virginia

The Cumberland Plateau PDC's  Board of Directors, made up of 32 members, eight appointed from each county, meets quarterly, and the Cumberland Plateau PDC's Executive Board, made up of eight members, two appointed from each county, meets on the fourth Thursday of every month to direct commission business.

Chairman - Ron Peters (Dickenson County) ; Vice Chairman - John Absher (Tazewell County) ; Secretary - Roger Rife  (Buchanan County) ; Treasurer - Steve Breeding (Russell County)

Board of Directors

Dickenson County

Russell County

Tazewell County

Buchanan County
Carroll Branham (citizen)
Harry Presley (citizen)
Landon Altizer (citizen)
Ruby Ratliff Hale (citizen)
Larry Yates (citizen)
Donald Baker (citizen)
Joe Boyd  (citizen)
Richard Mullins (citizen)
Ron Blankenship (citizen)
Frank Horton (citizen)
Ben Price (citizen)
James Eaton (citizen)
William P. Harris * (elected)
Roger Rife * (elected)
Earl Scott (elected)
Buddy Fuller (elected)
Shelbie Willis * (elected)
Ron Peters * (elected)
David Yates (elected)
David Perry (elected)
Steve Breeding* (elected)
Lou Ann Wallace* (elected)
Carl Rhea (elected)
Tim Lovelace (elected)
* = Executive Board
Ron Peters * (elected)
John Absher * (elected)
Charles Stacy * (elected)
Seth White (citizen)
Don Buchanan (elected)
Don Harris (elected)
Timothy Trent (citizen)
Doug Ratliff (citizen)
John Biggs (citizen)